Gordan’s Alive!

Gordan’s Wine Bar on Villers street could well be London’s most famous wine bar and dates back to 1890.

The building once housed Samuel Pepys and Rudyard Kipling and is located on the banks of the river Thames, what more could you ask for?

As if that is not enough the wine list is fantastic and the traditional food is enough to keep anyone from wandering elsewhere in search of food.

London is awash with history and having found a letting agent in Kensington that can cater for me I will soon be able to get about and let you know about even more great wine bars in and around London.

Gordon's_Wine_Bar_2008_-_46EV8417_copy@gallerymain gordonscellar gordons-wine-bar gordons-wine-bar-london-(by-olga-pavlovsky)

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