Greek Wine

While everyone always thinks of the heavyweight winemakers of the Med to be France, Italy and Spain, let’s not forget Greece, which is just as sun soaked and has some fabulous vineyards too that produce lovely wine.Greece is actually one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world with the earliest evidence of wine-making dating back to an incredible 6500 years ago. In fact the Romans prized Greek wine above all others, and it was exported extensively to Northern Europe.

Nowadays Greece is perhaps better known for its national alcoholic beverage, Ouzo, but that doesn’t mean that it the Greek wine business isn’t modestly thriving. Boasting both red and white wine producing vineyards from the mainland as well as its islands scattered in the Mediterranean Sea, including some of the Aegean Sea islands such as Rhodes and Santorini, which produce particularly fine wines. A holiday to Rhodes in particular is rewarding, since it is one of the few areas in the Med to escape destruction of its vines by phylloxera ; the vineyards on this southern Mediterranean island are older than 70 years old.


Greek cuisine also lends itself well as a foil to its homegrown wines, with dishes such as moussaka, and those containing ingredients such as feta, goat and honey really helping to bring out the flavours of these southern wines.

So if you are visiting Greece this summer, don’t be a wine snob! Enjoy some of the finest local wines in Europe in their home settings, and you won’t be disappointed.

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